Fabric No. 1, 2018


Deflected doubleweave in 10/2 tencel and 74/2 merino. The first metre woven of 10.6 metres as the first of my fabric lengths I intend weaving for my final degree year.


If all my calculations and sampling are correct, this odd-looking flat piece of cloth will magically transform into:

IMG_6064THIS! well, not quite like this because there are 2 different threadings and 4 different liftings on the sample. All going well the finished length will be a little like brains: organic with a lovely balance of lustre from the tencel and felted, matt wool.


Spun a merino colourway by Lyn Walsh of Fibre2Go last weekend at our Area Retreat near Turangi on the shores of Lake Taupo. Weather was pretty rubbish, but a great weekend for spinning, natural dyeing and just catching up with like-minded creative types, both new and old. Navajo plied it and washed it yesterday. Very pleased with the result – now what to do with it?

Graduated Blue handspun


Finally managed to spin my blue merino graduation which I achieved by carding on my lovely wide Ashford carder. Very pleased with the finished result – a very smooth graduation from pale sky blue through to a rich dark blue. Amazing what can be accomplished with a couple of extra days at home.