This piece looks to my weaving future, using passive and active yarns. It brings to mind rivers which have gouged their paths through the countryside over thousands of years, particularly that of the Waikato River with its fast flowing water and rising farmland either side.

The use of hi twist fine wool crepe in the centre of the piece has produced contraction of the warp upon wet finishing, drawing it in to resemble ripples and waves of the rivers. The linen then puffs into gentle ruffles, while the copper allows a more structural shaping to the selvedges. A weft of 50/50 silk/linen softens the overall feel of this fabric.

With ruffles and gathers remaining a strong fashion feature, this weave structure lends itself to a myriad of applications, from ruffles down a sleeve or centre front, to a jacket edging or peplum.


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