Fabric No. 1, 2018


Deflected doubleweave in 10/2 tencel and 74/2 merino. The first metre woven of 10.6 metres as the first of my fabric lengths I intend weaving for my final degree year.


If all my calculations and sampling are correct, this odd-looking flat piece of cloth will magically transform into:

IMG_6064THIS! well, not quite like this because there are 2 different threadings and 4 different liftings on the sample. All going well the finished length will be a little like brains: organic with a lovely balance of lustre from the tencel and felted, matt wool.

Stormy Skies

Didn’t quite get it finished in 2017 as I’d hoped, but here it is – 4.5metres x 59cm. Really pleased with the overall handle and look of it. A bit too cosy for this time of year but will be great to work with when the weather cools down. The colours didn’t pool as I would have liked in the blue yarn with quite a barber pole effect in places, but probably to be expected over such a long warp. Serendipity!IMG_5948

Stormy Skies


A snippet of the warp which went on a few days ago – all 6 metres of it! Fine 2 ply variegated wool warp tied up for an 8 shaft satin weave. Haven’t woven satin weave structure before so thought I’d better sample it before I get too far. Very interesting – sturdy but retaining a nice handle and feel – it will make a fantastic structured, shaped jacket – just not entirely sure about the stripes. Yarn is very sticky too so am going to have to go very slowly and keep an eye out for skips. Would like to get this length finished over the study break – thank goodness I have until February!

Byzantine complete


So it’s been 5 months since I posted the beginnings of the Byzantine era but it is now complete and I’m really pleased with it. Just over 5 metres of fabric with a beautiful handle and the colours really glow. I managed 3 lengths of fabric (just) during my 2nd year at Wintec – can I do 4 next year? I would still love to feature my handwoven fabric in my final runway show this time next year, just not sure if the workload will let me weave as well as study. No harm in giving it a go!

Byzantine inspired

Waiting for a sunny day to take a photo of the latest warp, but that isn’t going to happen any time soon! So here it is – warp number 3 for 2017 – 6 metres of variegated wool in a 1/3 twill threading with a few thin stripes of 3/1 to give a contrast (along with a nice effect on the underside). Another fabric length to add to my stash with enough to do a jacket with a peplum – I can actually picture this one’s design, so hopefully it lives up to expectations.IMG_5437IMG_5439

Fabric No. 2

IMG_5392Very happy with the second fabric length off the loom this year – I know it doesn’t sound much, but it’s part of my 2017 commitment to keep weaving while I’m studying fulltime – and it’s working! The 1/3, 3/1 twill structure has given a length of fabric with 2 different faces which gives possibilities for matching cuffs or collar or even panels. I added a fine boucle yarn in areas in the warp, but in hindsight I should have just kept it with the straight wool, as the texture doesn’t show enough to be worth the problems it gave me.


IMG_5380Have been playing with draping in a short break in the semester – this is a cool one to use with a striped fabric as you get the direction of the stripes changing as you manoeuvre the fabric around and down into the front horizontal dart. Below the dart is cut on the fold with a centre front seam above the dart. Trouble is now I want a mannequin like the ones we have in class – mine is not easy to work with!

Fabric Length No. 2

The second warp for this semester is wound on the back beam and ready to thread up. Couldn’t wait to start weaving to put up a photo as I fell in love as soon as I saw it on the back beam. The warp is a combination of 7 different woollen yarns wound randomly in pairs and I am thrilled with the overall look. I will weave it as a 1/3 twill to retain the beautiful look of the variegated threads using Adobe Alpaca’s baby alpaca and silk yarn in Peacock as the weft.IMG_5291.JPG

First Fabric For 2017!

Earlier this year I made, not a resolution (because they can bring too much pressure), but an intention – to keep up my weaving while studying. Last year – my first year of study – very little came off the loom, and I felt it was important not to lose sight of my love of weaving, and the main inspiration for my degree study. This is the first project completed just a week into Semester One – a length of handwoven fabric – and the 2nd warp is ready to be wound on the loom, so on track so far! Long may it continue. I am very pleased with how this length has turned out. Warp is fine merino boucle with a wool weft and supplementary warp threads of a ribbon with similar hues. It has a lovely handle and is lofty without being heavy – it will make a beautiful waistcoat or perhaps a lined jacket.IMG_5289.JPG