Enjoying some quiet time to work on a couple of UFOs before I start back at my studies in a couple of weeks. The embellishment piece will become a book cover and the quilted piece will be a pencil case – both to help fuel my creative self at Wintec this year.

Weaving – at last!


It’s been a while, but at last I have some time to weave before I start back to study in a few weeks. The weave structure is polychrome summer and winter in 20/2 cotton with my favourite Adobe Alpaca silk/alpaca for the weft. The actual weaving is taking no time at all – it’s going to end up 17″x17″ as part of a group exhibition – but it has been a very long time in the planning, design and warping up of 540 warp ends. Probably should have made it longer than a 1.5 metre warp to make all the work worthwhile, but didn’t have enough yarn, so an awful lot of work for a small piece. C’est la vie!