Looks like this will be the slowest project to weave so far – thank goodness it is only 2 yards 12 inches. On reflection I should have taken juggling lessons before I started – 4 shuttles, 3 of which follow a specific order – they want to escape every time I beat and there isn’t room to keep them all on the loom in front of me without tangling them. There was going to be a fifth shuttle, but I think that yarn might have to be wound on a stick shuttle and just used here and there rather than alternating with the other handspun. Ho hum – only myself to blame!

Almost weaving

What a mission! Warp wound, threaded, sleyed and tied on. 792 ends of fine silk/baby alpaca, 24epi – 33 inches wide. Fortunately a straightforward threading as it will be woven in plain weave with shots of my handspun Forest Stream yarn in twill. Fingers crossed it works as I’ve planned (planned, but not sampled as not enough handspun!)