Precious Threads


This is me. I chose the name to reflect, as succinctly as I could, what I am about. Precious as in the fibres and yarns I use, along with how I view my work. And Threads, well that’s easy, threads are (according to

  • a fine cord of flax, cotton, or other fibrous material spun out to considerable length, especially when composed of two or more filaments twisted together.
  • twisted filaments or fibers of any kind used for sewing.
  • one of the lengths of yarn forming the warp or weft of a woven fabric.

all of which refer to my fibre work, but also as I thread my way through life and my work


3 of my woven jackets. The first uses handspun crepe merino in the weft and silk in the warp in crackle weave structure. The middle one is using a fine merino boucle warp with a possum weft – along with added sparkle interest in supplementary warp threads. It won the possum award at Whangarei Creative Fibre Festival in 2010. The one on the right is an alpaca and silk wrap in a collapsed weave structure. It won the Creative Fibre Experience alpaca award in Hamilton in 2010.

handwoven fabric

Left to right: Hand-dyed silk warp with baby alpaca and silk weft alternated with slub yarn in plain weave. Handspun fine merino crepe pattern weft with silk warp in crackle weave structure, woven and made up into ‘Spring Awakening’ jacket. Shimmer: mainly hand-dyed silk warp with baby alpaca and silk weft in plain weave.


Ok. That didn’t work. Thought I had written my first post on my new blog, but obviously not! Lots to learn about this new method of communication.
I have taken this huge (for me) step in the hopes of getting myself and my creations out to the world. And when I say world I really mean somewhere other than the walls I work within – home, (work)work, and Creative Fibre Guild.
I consider myself reasonably artistic and somewhat computer savvy (after all, I have been working with computers (in one form or another) for probably 30 years now) so you would think I could create something ‘pretty’ in the form of a blog (hopefully moving to a web page) and get myself out there.
Well, here goes …